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In a nutshell...

Chris is a freelance motion/print designer - He specialises in creating unique designs and illustrations for a variety of media. So if I can stop referring to myself in the third person for a moment i'd like to welcome you to my portfolio. Feel free to nosy around and then... you know what would be nice?....A good chat! Just give me a ring to chat about my work and we'll see if we can help each other.

"There is no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful."
- William Morris

Motion video

Now that multimedia surrounds us all, being heard, and seen among the masses is that much more important. Motion graphics are everywhere, and for the most part are unimaginitive and uncommunicative. I will work with you to visualise your message, from storys to idents to music videos.

Visual effects

A huge part of design is emotion. Working with various projects I have successfully created those emotive links using such things as particle systems and abstract design. These can be used for visual backdrops (VJ) or even for educational purposes. Drop me a line if you want to chat about my ideas for this.


Logo/web/stationary - In the hands of a designer these can really be made to reflect the attitude and tone of the company/person. I will work with you to produce a face for the media world.

When I'm not designing or thinking about design, i'm usually asleep. And even then I'm not so sure.....